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czym jest masoneria

About Freemason

We are people of diverse views and interests, yet sharing similar values in life. We meet in Krakow, but we are also a part of international community of many million people gathered around the idea of self-improvement and thereby making the world a better place.

Within the organization, we remain friends and spend leisure time together beyond official meetings. We can count on each other in difficult moments of life, but also celebrate the joyful ones together. We are united by strong bonds based on common values and beliefs. We represent different nationalities, we speak different languages, but create a wonderful and harmonious community. We believe that the freedom of thought and the right of having individual views is a supreme value. We pride ourselves on tolerance towards different religions, nations, and points of view.

Values important to us

  • Brotherly love
  • Sense of responsibility and care for one another
  • Respect for the dignity of every individual
  • Autonomy and freedom that do not restrict others
  • Tolerance
  • Serving country
  • Respect for labor in all its forms
  • Practicing the virtues of fortitude, prudence, and temperance
  • Respecting the law

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